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Sparkle Dental | 27/07/2017
Palatal expansion is a form of orthodontic treatment that is often useful in the early intervention of orthodontic problems in children.
Widening the palate increases the perimeter of the dental arch to create more space for crooked teeth so the teeth can align without the need for extractions.
But did you know beyond straight teeth for your child, there are several other benefits including better breathing and sleep?
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Sparkle Dental | 14/09/2014

Functional Jaw Orthopaedics (FJO) treats orthodontic problems earlier, and is usually aimed at making more room for teeth to fit in, resulting in broader smiles.  This is in contrast with traditional orthodontics which treats later, with more extractions of teeth and often narrower smiles.   

There is increasing recognition of the health related benefits linked to correctly positioned jaws and Functional Jaw Orthopaedics, and FJO is being offered by an increasing number of practitioners around the world.

This post by Dr Shereen Lim based on an interview with Dr Derek Mahony, a world leader in Functional Jaw Orthopaedics highlights the philosophy of early treatment with Functional Jaw Orthopaedics.

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