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Matt can smile again!
Matt can smile again!
Sparkle Dental | 13/10/2017
Matt can smile again!
Matt was assaulted at a night club and complained of pain with his broken front teeth. Matt was assessed at the emergency department at Joondalup hospital for an orbital fracture and nose injuries. Unfortunately the injuries to his front tooth 11 were so severe that it wasn’t able to be saved.
We helped Matt through this most difficult and painful period with some emergency dental treatment. After a full assessment of Matt’s dental injuries and explaining all his possible treatment options, Matt decided on an implant to replace his missing front teeth 11/12 and and a root canal/crowns for his other broken tooth 21. Following completion of his treatment, Matt can now smile and laugh confidently without worrying about his teeth or his injuries.
Here at Sparkle Dental, we are committed to helping our patients in any way to restore their smile and confidence, call us to find out about the most suitable treatment options for you. Phone on 9300 2622 and look us up at

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