Nervous at the dentist? See how we can help - Sparkle Dental
Nervous at the dentist? See how we can help
Nervous at the dentist? See how we can help
Sparkle Dental | 15/05/2018
In Australia, 1/6 Australian adults suffer with high dental fear and this has a profound effect on their overall health, confidence and self esteem. Commonly, the patients we see have had traumatic school or previous dental experience which leads them into a “vicious cycle of dental fear”. Many of them break out in sweats, lose sleep or have panic attacks at the very thought of the dentist, so they don’t go. Other frequent reasons patients avoid the dentist are due to the feeling they will be judged or ridiculed, that their fears will be dismissed or that they are so embarrassed and frustrated that they haven’t been able to overcome their fears. Unfortunately, the long term result of this avoidance results in extremely painful teeth and the creation of extensive problems that require more complex treatment. Here at Sparkle Dental, we understand how difficult it is for our patients to deal with dental anxiety and phobia. We listen very carefully to all concerns, fears and needs of our patients in a calmed and relaxed non-judgemental environment where they are in full control of their dental health decisions. Once our patients have decided their treatment we then go about tailoring the necessary procedure to their anxiety level. This could range from relaxation techniques (eg music, watching a video, heat packs) to sedation therapy (eg gas, tablet, twilight or hospital). With some of our latest sedation therapies, patients are able to receive their long overdue treatment (pain free and anxiety free) while they sleep, and wake up not remembering any of the procedure details thinking it was a 15 minutes where in reality it was a few hours. If you would like to learn more about what we do please check out our website and feel free to call our friendly team, we look forward to one day seeing you at our practice.

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