Sparkle Dental Tongue-Tie Clinic - a new option in Perth - Sparkle Dental
Sparkle Dental Tongue-Tie Clinic - a new option in Perth
Sparkle Dental Tongue-Tie Clinic - a new option in Perth
Sparkle Dental | 15/05/2017
Dr Shereen Lim now offers laser release of tongue-ties and lip-ties.

This procedure is available to help relieve a range of problems in various different age groups. 

Which problems can release of tongue-tie or lip-tie’s assist with?

In infants, these tethered oral tissures are a common source of breastfeeding difficulties, and reflux-like symptoms.
When they are untreated at birth, the restriction of normal tongue function can result in problems with chewing, speech and jaw and facial development in children.
Tongue-ties can contribute to lowered tongue posture.  They have now been identified as a risk factor for obstructive sleep apnoea.  Release may be helpful in some cases to minimise collapsibility of the airway.
There are also a growing number of reports of relief of migraines, chronic headaches and neck tension when these tongue restrictions are released.
To find out more about any of these problems and the links with tethered oral tissues, please visit www.tonguetieperth.com.au

Dr Lim’s training

Dr Lim is a Perth leader in the assessment and diagnosis of tongue-ties. 
She is the only Perth practitioner who has completed training with multiple internationally recognised experts in the field of infant frenectomy (or releases) to improve breastfeeding.
She also has complementary training including a Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine through UWA, and the completion of various courses in Myofunctional Therapy and Myofunctional Orthodontics.
She supports a team approach to care, and works closely with various health professionals from Sleep and ENT physicians, to lactation consultants and osteopaths.
To find out more about her credentials, click here.
To find out more information on laser frenectomy or release of tongue-ties and lip-ties, please visit the Sparkle Dental Tongue-Clinic website.

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Sparkle Dental Dear Anthony,

Yes, emerging research seems to support restrictive frenulums contribute to the development of the problem through altering tongue function and the impact on jaw and airway development.

In adults, we can't really change the jaw structures without surgery. At best we can work to restore more normal tongue function in some cases through tongue-tie release and myofunctional therapy. Research suggests that on average myofunctional therapy can reduce sleep apnoea by 50%.

This could potentially be considered as an adjunct treatment option(rather than front line option) in moderate sleep apnoea. An assessment/consultation would be the best place to screen for other risk factors and review this option further. Please feel welcome to contact us on 9300 2622 if we can assist with an assessment. Kind regards, Shereen Lim
14/05/2018 12:00:57 PM
Anthony Hi Dr Shereen,
I am writing to inquire as to whether the release of an adult frenulum may be likely to improve moderate sleep apnea. I use a CPAP but still have some apneas nonethless. I have read some of the literature on your site and was surprised to find out that a tighter frenulum may contribute to the issue. My father was tongue tied as a child, and had a release, incidentally.
Looking forward to your reply,
Anthony Zafer
14/05/2018 11:07:26 AM
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