The transformation of Yuki’s smile! - Sparkle Dental
The transformation of Yuki’s smile!
The transformation of Yuki’s smile!
Sparkle Dental | 13/10/2017
The transformation of Yuki’s smile!
Yuki migrated from Japan in 2006 and she visited Sparkle Dental in July 2006. Unfortunately, Yuki’s front teeth had developed multiple infections and she was getting swellings and pain from these areas. Yuki wanted to know what advances in dentistry could help her improve her smile while fixing her problematic front teeth. After a thorough diagnostic exam ultilizing the latest digital smile design techniques (DSD), Yuki was informed of all her treatment options and alternatives. As time went on, Yuki decided that she was now ready to address her dental issues. She choose an option that would give her fixed teeth in her mouth and allow her to avoid removable dentures. Yuki completed orthodontic treatment and had implant replacement of her front teeth four teeth.
Yuki is no longer embarrassed and loves to smile and laugh. Here at Sparkle Dental our team are passionate in helping lovely patients such as Yuki. You can learn about more about cosmetic dentistry at www.sparkledentaljoondalup.com.au/Services/Cosmetic

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