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Snoring And Sleep Apnoea We offer dental appliances to help you breathe and sleep easier. 

Have you been referred for an oral appliance for snoring or sleep apnoea?

Oral devices (sometimes called mandibular advancement splints) are a proven front line option for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Dr Lim has been involved in oral appliance therapy for several years, and has helped many patients experience

  • Elimination or reduction of snoring
  • Less fragmented and more refreshing sleep
  • Less fatigue or lethargy
  • More energy and improvement in mood
  • Improved concentration and work performance
  • Greater intimacy in their relationships
  • Better breathing and reduced health risks

These appliances have been proven to be more effective than over-the-counter devices for reducing obstructive sleep apnoea.  The majority of patients report they find the custom made appliances more comfortable than anticipated.

They can also be an ideal option for people who are struggling with CPAP.  Studies demonstrate patients prefer this option and are more likely to use the dental appliance for longer periods through the night.  If you have been struggling to use CPAP, a mandibular advancement splint has been proven to be equally effective in terms of improving health outcomes.

Dr Lim is one of a few dentists with a university qualification in the field.  She is suitably qualified to predict your response and will advise if this is not likely to be a good option for you.

At your initial consultation, Dr Lim will

  • Review your main concerns and sleep study findings
  • Assess your individual factors to predict your response to treatment
  • Advise of any further options that may complement your therapy
  • Screen for any major dental problems that may prevent your teeth from adequately supporting the appliance
  • Review what you can expect, and answer any other questions you may have regarding this option
  • Report findings back to your Sleep or Respiratory Physician or ENT specialist and General Practitioner.

If you have a regular dentist, and have no outstanding dental treatment, we are able to offer the option of impressions to organise your appliance on the day of initial consultation.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with Dr Lim.