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Damon Braces A way of treating children, teenagers and adults to achieve not only straighter teeth, but also naturally fuller and wider smiles.

Damon Braces

The Damon system uses revolutionary braces and wires, and is a way of treating children, teenagers and adults to achieve not only straighter teeth, but also naturally fuller and wider smiles.  It is available in metal and a more discrete clear version.


The benefits of the Damon system include

  • faster treatment
  • fewer appointments
  • greater comfort
  • broader, natural looking smiles

How is this achieved?


Traditional braces that hold the wire tight against the teeth through elastics and active clips increase friction and pressure, which act as parking brakes to slow treatment down.

The Damon System

  • Uses specially designed frictionless brackets that allow the wires to slide freely and accelerate treatment
  • Uses advanced shape memory wire that continually works to return to it’s ideal form, an original balanced arch and which applies a constant light force.
  • Does not require elastic ties which collect plaque and make them easier to clean
  • Uses lighter forces that work in harmony with the body to allow the teeth and surrounding bone to move together.  It potentially avoids the need for extractions to create space
  • Never needs tightening which allows more comfortable treatment in a shorter time

Videos on the Damon system

The following two videos are helpful in explaining what the benefits of using the Damon system of braces and what makes it unique.

Damon clear – A clear option

Damon clear combines clear frictionless brackets with space age technology wires that move teeth fast and comfortably.

Comparing Damon and Invisalign.

Damon’s strengths over Invisalign

  • Offers more predictable tooth movement and can be used to effectively treat a wider range of orthodontic problems
  • Works 24 hours a day and eliminates the issue of compliance which is essential for success
  • Eliminates the problem of lost, misplaced or forgotten aligners that extend treatment time
  • Does not require the reduction of healthy tooth surface to create space for teeth to move that is often prescribed in Invisalign
  • Greater control to finesse end results compared to computer generated treatment plans such as Invisalign.

Invisalign’s strengths over Damon

  • Is a wire-free system and will be appear more discrete
  • Braces are not removable and brushing and flossing may be a little more challenging
  • Removable aligners may be a better lifestyle fit for some individuals

For more information on this system, visit the Damon Braces website or contact us for an assessment to determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment with Dr Lim.