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Immediate Dentures Immediate dentures are also known as transitional dentures.

Immediate Dentures

One of the major worries of patients facing tooth extraction is how they will cope immediately afterwards. There is concern about being left without any teeth or with unsightly gaps in between your teeth. This isn't something that we will let happen to you, as Sparkle Dental will provide you with immediate dentures which also called transitional dentures. These are designed to be a short-term solution while your gums are healing until your definitive dentures are being made. Your immediate denture will be constructed even before your teeth have been extracted.

Once your teeth have been extracted your dentist will try in your immediate denture to make sure it fits and will give you exact instructions as to how long to leave it in place before taking it out to clean it. An immediate denture can act as a type of bandage, and although it's normal to experience some swelling after tooth extraction this might be minimised through placing an immediate denture. You may experience some discomfort during the first few days after extraction as the denture settles down. Your dentist will need to see you quite soon after surgery to check the fit of the denture and to make any adjustments as necessary. It's likely that adjustments will be required quite frequently as your gums change shape.

During the healing period the gums do change shape as the swelling reduces. In addition there is likely to be considerable resorption so your dentist may have to reline or adjust the denture several times. These changes are perfectly normal and are to be expected. A denture reline can use soft or hard materials, but it is likely your dentist will use soft reline material while your gums are still changing shape. This is a temporary type of relining material that will be custom fitted to your gums, but further relines might be necessary to help retain the stability of the denture until healing is complete.

Once the healing process is complete you'll need to be fitted for a permanent denture, but it might be possible to adjust your immediate denture to fit correctly. This will most likely be done using hard reline material as this is longer-lasting. If a new denture is required then the immediate denture can be retained to be used in emergencies should your permanent denture break or require adjusting in some way.

How Is an Immediate Denture Made?

Before your teeth are removed your dentist will take an impression of your mouth. This is sent to the dental laboratory and cast in plaster so it replicates your mouth. The dental laboratory will grind away the teeth due to be extracted, predicting the shape of the gums once the teeth have been removed. They will then construct the denture to fit over this modified model. Although this will be skilfully done, the exact fit of your new denture might not be perfect and it is likely that it will need modifications before it can be placed in your mouth following your tooth extractions. An immediate denture can be a good short-term solution, enabling you to eat fairly normally and to socialise with others without feeling self-conscious. You do need to make adjustments to the type of foods you eat whether wearing an immediate or permanent denture, but most people are able to eat a reasonable variety of foods with very little difficulty.

How Much Will an Immediate Denture Cost?

An immediate denture is quite time consuming to make and is likely to need substantial adjustments. You can expect to pay approximately … for a full upper or lower denture, while an immediate partial denture can cost between … and … depending on the number of teeth to be replaced.