Your Child's First Dental Visit - Sparkle Dental
Preparing Your Child For Their First Visit Early dental care is important & helps to ensure teeth will remain strong & healthy into adulthood.

Preparing Your Child For Their First Visit


If you brought your child in to see us before their first birthday they were probably too young to feel nervous, but if you haven’t yet managed to book that first appointment then it is possible your child will feel slight anxiety over experiencing something new.

Sparkle Dental is very child oriented, and our friendly dental team will do everything possible to make sure you both feel as relaxed as possible. The first visit is likely to be very short and will not involve any treatment. It is just to make sure their teeth and jaws are developing normally, to discuss any dental care issues, and to answer any questions you might have. Topics that might be discussed include:

  • The use of fluoride
  • Frequency of dental visits
  • Good oral hygiene at home
  • Any oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting
  • Nutrition
  • Fluoride
  • Frequency of dental check-ups
  • Developmental issues

You Can Help Prepare Your Child By:

  • Playing dentist with your child at home. Pretend you are counting their teeth and then swap and let them pretend to count your teeth.
  • Talk about their dental visit in a positive manner so they see it as something interesting and even fun to look forward to.
  • Take them with you to one of your check-ups so they become familiar with a dental clinic and can see what happens.
  • Make sure you book their appointment for a time when your child will be well-rested and more able to cope with a new experience.
  • If you have dental phobias or anxiety then try not to pass these fears on to your child. They have no preconceptions about dental care at this point, and taking a positive attitude will help reassure them there is nothing to be afraid of.

Early dental care is important, as your child’s milk teeth need to remain strong and healthy until their adult teeth are ready to erupt. Getting your child accustomed to regular dental care helps to ensure their teeth will remain strong and cavity free, right into adulthood.