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Early Treatment Orthodontics Intercepting & preventing developing problems before they become more severe & harder to correct.

Early Treatment Orthodontics

Orthodontics moves teeth into improved positions.  Orthopedics improves jaw positions by changing the direction of growth.

A child’s facial appearance is dependent on:

  1. Inherited parts of the face
  2. Environmental factors that affect jaw growth such as;
  • thumb sucking, use of pacifiers or sippy cups
  • whether a child breathes through his mouth or snores
  • their postures
  • allergies ore frequent congestion
  • teeth grinding which is frequently associated with congestion
  • large adenoids or tonsils which change how the jaws relate to each other
  • tongue position including tongue ties

The goals of early orthopedic treatment are to develop both upper and lower jaws sufficiently to accommodate all permanent teeth and to correctly relate the jaws to each other. 

The majority of orthopaedic grown guidance is aimed at improving or balancing the growth of the jaw bones and bringing the muscles into better balance.

Benefits of early treatment

Early treatment is aimed at intercepting and preventing developing problems before they become more severe and harder to correct. 

Early treatment can;

  • Improve appearance and self-confidence
  • Reduce crowding and eliminate the need for orthodontic extractions
  • Avoid or minimize jaw dysfunction
  • Provide better stability – when muscle imbalances are corrected earlier during growth, results are more stable
  • improved gum health
  • reducing time in full fixed braces
  • reduced risk of traumatic injury to teeth
  • improved posture
  • avoidance of future surgery
  • reduced breathing problems
  • improved speech development
  • reduced risk of adult sleep apnoea and related problems

The earlier growth and airway problems are corrected, the more your child benefits.