QIP Accreditation - Sparkle Dental
QIP Accreditation We have been independently assessed as having met the Australian standards for quality, safety and continuous improvement in health care.

QIP-Accreditation-(1).jpgQIP Accreditation

Dental practice accreditation is a voluntary process aimed at promoting continuous quality improvement. 

In December 2013, Sparkle Dental became one of the first dental practices in Perth to achieve Dental Practice accreditation.

The process

This rigorous process was led by 2 of our team members Alice Holmes (Front Office Co-ordinator) and Jan Jones (Clinical Team Co-ordinator) and took almost a year.  It involved adopting National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) into our existing quality systems.

These National Standards provide a consistently high level of care patients should be able to expect from their health care providers and revolve around quality and safety, partnering with consumers and infection control.

The Standards were then assessed as having been met by an independent party.

What it means for our patients

  • We have been independently recognised as being committed to safety and quality
  • You can have confidence that our services are continuously being improved
  • We have built a more efficient practice that is better equipped to continue innovating and remain at the forefront of our industry

In this video Alice talks about dental practice accreditation: