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Braces without extractions Not keen on extractions before braces? There could be an alternative.

Have you been told that you or your child will require extractions before braces?

Are you wondering if there is an alternative approach?

Treatment using the Damon braces system may be an option to avoid extractions, and achieve a broader smile that enhances the face.

Damon Braces in Joondalup, Perth


Dr Shereen Lim is a general dentist with a special interest in non-extraction orthodontics. She exclusively uses the Damon system for teeth straightening with braces.

Why seek alternatives to extraction treatment?

Extracting teeth to make space prior to braces often creates more space than is necessary to relieve the crowding.

To close this space, the front teeth are normally pulled back or retracted into the gaps. This can reduce the support for the upper lip and flatten the facial profile, making it less attractive.

Although we often observe this on patients who have had orthodontic extractions, this impact is not universally accepted in the orthodontic community.   Each orthodontist or dentist will give advice based on their training, experience and what they believe is best for you.  Knowing there are varying perspectives, it can make sense to get a couple of opinions to ensure you can make the most fully informed decision.

This video from 60 Minutes in 2003 features Dr Derek Mahony, a world-renowned orthodontist from Sydney and Dr Lim’s orthodontic teacher.  It illustrates the differences in opinion and the potential impact of orthodontic extractions on the face.

To continue watching Parts 2 and 3, visit our non-extraction treatment playlist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvqndYJRniI&list=PLyZGBZwsDv-EDIPEm8kcSRUEOfMDKqx0b&index=1

Dr Mahony completes 95% of his treatment with braces without extractions.  When extractions are required, it is for the face, not for the space.
Can extraction orthodontics impact the airway?


There is growing awareness that this type of retractive orthodontics reduces tongue and airway space and can contribute to sleep breathing problems.  With a qualification in dental sleep medicine, this factor is something that has influenced Dr Lim’s approach.

Websites like Right To Grow are helping patients around the world to understand the implications and make a fully informed decision before proceeding with extractions.

The orthodontists featured on this site include Dr Derek Mahony, Dr Bill Hang, Dr Barry Raphael, and Drs John and Mike Mew.  They are big advocates of early interceptive orthodontics to develop the face and airway, and non-extraction orthodontics.  They have been the most influential on Dr Lim and guided her approach to avoiding orthodontic extractions.
Re-opening extraction spaces to reverse previous orthodontics.

One of the orthodontists featured on Right to Grow is Dr Bill Hang.  He is recognised as a world leader in airway centred orthodontics.  He does not extract permanent teeth for braces at all.

He is a pioneer in re-opening extraction spaces to reverse past orthodontics for people who suffer with jaw pain and sleep breathing problems.  He has had good success alleviating these problems and teaches these techniques to orthodontists and dentists.


Unfortunately, this type of treatment is complex and involves replacement of healthy teeth that have been removed with costly and invasive dental implants.

Avoiding extractions and potential problems.

The best way to avoid extractions is to perform early interceptive orthodontics to help develop the jaws so they can accommodate all the teeth.  When this boat is missed, more people are now finding an alternative with Damon Braces.

The Damon philosophy – Braces for the face

The difference with the Damon System is that it is a philosophy of treatment that extends beyond the braces and achieving straight teeth.

The Damon philosophy is centred around achieving the best facial balance and using light forces that work in harmony with the muscles of face, tongue, bone and soft tissues.  The bio-compatablity of this system makes it easier to stimulate the formation of new bone that the teeth can move into, and therefore often eliminates the need for extractions.  Click here to read "Will I Need Teeth Pulled?"

Using Damon protocols taught by the leaders in Damon Braces, it is possible to create broader smiles, and radiant smile arcs that remain youthful with age.

Whilst over 2 million people have been treated with Damon Braces worldwide, the Damon approach is not taught locally at this stage, and therefore may not be readily available or well known.  To find out more about this alternative and the benefits visit the Damon Braces wesbite.  

Contact us to organise a complimentary assessment to find out if Damon Braces is a suitable option for you.